Covenant Bible Church is a Reformed Baptist church near Columbus, Ohio. We are meeting in Pickeringon in a home right now as we recently lost use of the building we were renting. If you are interested in worshipping with us, contact us for more information about our services and other studies.

If you’re searching for a church home, we’ve tried to provide as much information about our church and its ministry as possible to help visitors know who we are, what we believe, and how God has commanded us to minister His gospel in Columbus and around the world.  

Of course, no website is going to be as informative to you as personal time with our church family. But here are a few terms and phrases describing our distinctive beliefs which will inform you about the type of church we are:

  • 1689 Confessional (We subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith)
  • Baptistic, Evangelistic, Reformed
  • Calvinistic in soteriology: The Five Solas
  • Plurality of Elders
  • Covenantal, expository preaching
  • A Christ-centered hermeneutic of the whole counsel of God
  • Regulative Principle of Worship
  • Closed, weekly observance of Communion
  • Family Integrated
  • Individual membership, Congregational
  • A proper (biblical) understanding of the relationship between Church and State
  • A desire to support vocational pastors
  • A practical commitment to seeing Christ as our all in all, and currently reigning King

We practice weekly, Closed Communion.  If you plan to worship with our congregation, are a member in good standing of another Bible-believing local church, and want to partake of the Lord’s Table with us, please let us know of your plans to visit ahead of time, or bring a letter from your elders with you, so we can confirm your membership.

Join us!

Sunday Schedule

Following the service, we share a fellowship meal!

Guests are not only welcome to stay but invited!

Evangelism Opportunities

We regularly minister at big events in Central Ohio and outside Planned Parenthood.